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Products provided by OrphanPacific Products provided by OrphanPacific
Trade Name
(Generic Name)
Formulation Rare
Classification of drugs
by efficacy or indication
Number of patient First
(Aliskiren Fumarate)
150mg Tablet Hypertension - March 1, 2018
Diazoxide(Diazoxide) 25mg Capsule Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia (Persistent)
1/35400 Born/Year5)
April 1, 2017
(Dantrolene Sodium Hydrate)
Malignant Hyperthermia 4~5/Year4) October 1, 2015
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome 100~300/Year3)
25mg Capsule
Spastic paralysis,
Syndrome of Progressive Muscle Spasm
(Dimemorfan Phosphate)
10mg Tablet Acute and Chronic Cough
10% Powder
0.25% Syrup
Somazon®(Mecasermin) 10mg Injection Insulin Receptor Abnormalities,
Growth Hormone Resistant Dwarfism
283) April 1, 2015
Normosang®(Hemin) 250mg Infusion Acute Porphyria 362) August 23, 2013
(Sodium Phenylbutyrate)
500mg Tablet Urea Cycle Disorders 2861) January 17, 2013
94% Granule

1)Kato.et al., The status of nationwide registration of research projects for Specific Pediatric Chronic Diseases 2011.
2)Kawada et al., National epidemiological survey on hereditary porphyria (primary investigation) Result report
3)Edited by Orphan Drag Study Group, Handbook of Rare Diseases, Pharmaceutical Handbook 2009, pp. 39-40, Jiho, 2009
4)Mukaida et al., Journal of Japan Society of Clinical Anesthesia 32(5), 682-690, 2012
5)Kawakita et al., Journal of Japan Pediatric Society 115(3), 563-569, 2011
6) indicates a disease designated as orphan drug, indicates a disease with less than 50,000 patients

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